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Laurie Beischel
Co-Founder & Designated Broker
(602) 320-0484

A former Designated Broker of one of the largest real estate brokerages in the state of Arizona, Laurie Beischel has over twenty-five years of experience in the real estate industry. Originally an appraiser, Laurie has been licensed since 2005 and earned her broker’s license in 2010. She has been responsible for the thousands of real estate agents underneath her throughout her career, working to train, educate, and supervise them while managing day-to-day taskwork and risk management.

Laurie happily and humbly shares her wealth of knowledge earned from her extensive background, which spans appraisals, sales, form authorship, contract review, and leadership development. Well-known for her kind heart, cool-headed problem-solving skills, track record of responsible decision-making, and dedication to the industry, Laurie is a passionate real estate professional who knows the industry from many angles, consistently operating with the highest level of integrity. She is a fierce leader who loves helping agents to learn, grow, and reach their fullest potentials.

She has proven her impassioned commitment to the real estate community throughout her career on both state and national levels. Since she graduated in 2011 from the SEVRAR Leadership Program, Laurie has served on myriad SEVRAR and AAR committees, including RAPAC, Grievance, Professional Standards, Leadership Development and Risk Management.  In 2014, Laurie was nominated by her peers to serve as a Director on the 2014-15 SEVRAR Board of Directors.  Laurie has served as an AAR Director since 2015, a NAR Director from 2018-2020 and currently serves as an ARMLS Director.  She is currently serving on the ARMLS Rules Committee and in 2021 will serve as the Chair of both the AAR Risk Management Committee and the ARMLS Appeals Committee in 2021.

Laurie is extremely dedicated to her community and is actively involved in philanthropic work. When she is not working or volunteering, Laurie enjoys spending time with her family, reading, traveling, hiking, and appreciating the beautiful natural landscape of Arizona. She loves going on adventures and trying new things; her life motto is “Be fearless!”